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What is Mail Merge for Gmail

Mailway Mail Merge addon for Gmail lets you send personalized emails to hundreds of recipients easily and effectively.


Personalized email means that each recipient would receive an email that contain details only specific to that recipient.

Lets say, you want to send a birthday invitation to 50 people. The email body remains mostly the same for all the recipients.

One way to do this is to compose a generic invitation email and keep everyone in BCC. While this method works, but the emails don't look engaging.

A better approach would be to send personalized emails to each recipient separately, which would take a lot of time if we try to do this manually.

gmail mail merge use case example scenario

Mail Merge is the technique to automate this process. All you need to do is prepare your contact list and create a generic email template with Placeholder or Variables. The Mail Merge addon will take the generic email template and will prepare and send a personalized email to each recipient.


Read the beginner tutorial to get started.