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Warm Up Your Gmail account

This guide is useful for users who have recently created a new Gmail account and wants to send cold emails using Mailway Mail Merge addon.

A cold email is an initial email sent to receipient in order to gain any favor, business needs or any other dual-sided gain. Cold emails are not only for digital marketing, it is used for day to day activities like sending invitation email, email newsletter etc.


According to a report by Security Boulevard, 85% of the Global companies were suffered from phishing attack at least once.

Considering this, Google has tightened its Spam and abuse policy in 2019 which filters more emails as Spams and those changes made a digital marketer’s life a bit difficult but not impossible.

Hence, warming up or getting your email address be ready for a mass email campaigns is utmost important to create a good reputation and deliveribility for your emails.


If you are a spammer, you better search for a good job.

We have curated a list of best practices while sending cold emails or mass emails. By following these guidelines, you can easily send your emails to recipient’s inbox and not to the spam folder.

1. Add profile picture and email signature

Make sure that you have uploaded a related profile picture for your Google or Gmail account. Whie composing email draft, make sure to add your signature at the end of the email body. This will help Google to understand that you are a real human being and not a bot.

2. Start sending mails with lower limit and increase gradually

Do not rush. Start with a 10-12 emails maximum on day 1 and gradually increase it day by day. You can target to increase 20 mails per day so that Google understand that you are sending mails manually and to limited numbers of users. Remember to send mails to different domains like,, etc. and validate your email recipient list carefully. Every email address should be valid and you should avoid bounce back emails at any cost on warm up phase to maintain reputation of your email address.

3. Write like a real human sender

Add a proper subject, salutation to the email and your self-created document as an attachment or image to the email. Make sure that you are getting some replies during your email warm up period. Your mail flow should show conversation and replied emails. It is not advisable to send email as a no-reply email address during warm up phase. Addition of unsubscribe button is a must if you are sending cold emails. Remember, all you have to do is to behave like a human sender.

4. Verify your email list regularly

Verify your email list regularly and remove any outdated recipients. All recipients should have a valid email address. In case someone is receiving your emails in the spam or junk folder during the warm up period, try to communicate with them and ask them to mark your emails as safe and not-spam. Also, keep an eye on how many users are unsubscribing from your emails, it should be as less as possible.

5. Maintain time gap between two consecutive emails

Maintain a time gap of at least 30 seconds before each emails during warm up period.



  • How long does warming up usually take ? If you are following the best practices suggestions properly during warm up campaigns, it should take 3-4 weeks for your account to warm up. We recommend to continue this activity until 4-6 weeks.
  • What's next ? Once your Gmail account is warmed up, you can start using Mailway Mail merge addon for sending cold emails.