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Daily Quotas

To keep systems healthy and prevent abuse, Google imposes several limits (e.g. the number of emails you can send per day, the number of recipients per email etc).

Daily email sending limits


Upgrade your plan to send up to 2000 emails per day. See Pricing Plans

The number of emails you can send using mail merge addon depends on both Gmail's limit and Mailway Mail Merge addon plan.

Addon PlanGmail Account TypeDaily Email Quota
Free PlanGmail Free Account (e.g. recipients
Free PlanGoogle Workspace Account (formerly G Suite)50 recipients
Standard PlanGmail Free Account (e.g. recipients
Standard PlanGoogle Workspace Account (formerly G Suite)1500 recipients
Pro PlanGmail Free Account (e.g. recipients
Pro PlanGoogle Workspace Account (formerly G Suite)2000 recipients

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the email quota calculated ? The email quota is calculated based on the number of recipients. For example, if you are sending a mail merge to 10 recipients and have added 1 CC recipient to each email, the total quota usage would be 10 TO-recipients + 10 CC-recipients = 20 recipients.

  • Why does Gmail Free Account has less quota compared to Google Workspace Account ? This limit is imposed by Google.