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Add File Attachments

You can send file attachments to the recipients in three different ways:

  1. Send the same attachments to all the recipients (i.e. template attachments).
  2. Send unique attachments to each recipients (i.e. personalized attachments).
  3. Send common attachments as well as unique attachments to the recipients.

This feature is only available for users on paid plans. See Pricing Plans.

1. Send the Same Attachments to All Recipients

To send the same file attachment to all the recipients, you need to add the attachments to the email template.

From Google sheets, click on Extensions > Mailway Mail Merge > Manage templates.

Once the window is loaded, click on the Create button.

Enable the Attachments switch. Click on Choose File or Browse File and select the file from your computer. The file will be uploaded securely to server.

add file attachment to email template

We use Firebase cloud storage to store the attachments. Firebase services are managed by Google.

2. Send Unique Attachments to Each Recipients

Follow this guide to send unique attachments (also called Personalized Attachments) to some or all the recipients.

3. Send a Mix of Common and Unique Attachments

Simply follow both of the previous methods to achieve this.