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Create Email Template

To create or edit existing email template, go to Google Sheets > Extensions > Mailway Mail Merge > Manage Templates.

Click on Create button to compose a new template.

Use the Rich Text Editor to compose your email template.


Editor Interface

  1. Template Subject Line Enter the email subject line. You can also insert column name placeholders (also called variables), e.g. {{First Name}}.
  2. Template Body Write the email body.
  3. Insert Placeholder Use this feature to easily add column name placeholders to the email body.
  4. Attachments Add file attachments to the template. Attachments added here will be sent to each recipient. (NOTE: This is a paid feature.)
  5. Window Resize Buttons You can increase or decrease the editor window if required.
  6. Save Once you've finished editing the email, click on Save button to save the email template. You can edit or delete the template anytime.