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Send Personalized Attachments

Personalized Attachment is a very useful feature if you want send different attachments to each recipient.


Want to send the same attachment to all the recipients ? Read this guide

Quick video tutorial

quick video tutorial to add and enable personalized attachments

Step by step instructions

1. Add Attachment Column

Create a column named Attachment.

Go to Google Drive, right click on the file and click on Get link.

Change the file visibility to Anyone with the link.

Click on Copy link.

Go back to Google Sheets and paste the link under Attachment column for the target recipient. You can leave the Attachment column values empty for some recipients, in that case no attachment will be sent to those recipients.

4. Enable Personalized Attachment for a Campaign

Finally, enable the personalized attachment feature by clicking on Enable Personalized Attachment switch.

  • Personalized Attachment is available only to users on paid plans. See Pricing Plans
  • Currently you can only send 1 personalized attachment per recipient. We will increase this limit in upcoming days.