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Track Email Opens

With email open rate tracking, you'll get insights on which recipients have opened your email along with when and how many times the email was opened.


This feature is only available for users on paid plans. See Pricing Plans.

How to Enable Email Open Tracking

From Google Sheets, click on Extensions > Mailway Mail Merge > Dashboard > New Campaign > Expand Tracking section > Enable Track Email Open checkbox.

click on enable track email open checkbox

How to View Email Open Tracking Report

Open Mailway Mail Merge Dashboard > Reports > Click on Details button of the camapaign you want to see the report for.



When you enable email open tracking, we add an 1px x 1px transparent image to the outbound emails. When recipients open your email and allows images to be downloaded, the addon server receives the request and logs the open event.

  • Email open tracking is not a foolproof method to know whether the recipient has opened your email or not.
  • Some email servers (e.g. Gmail server) caches the images from email body, hence even if the recipient has opened your email multiple times, only one email open event will be logged in the addon report.
  • If the recipient doesn't allow to download images, the recipient might read your email but addon has no way to know that email was read.


  • If you are using email open tracking feature, try to add at least one image to the email.
  • Use the email link click tracking feature which is a much reliable way to track interactions.